A Unique Holiday Destination In Queensland

There are several well known holiday places that you could visit in southern Queensland as well as small towns that are tucked away in the countryside and offer one to spend some time off the beaten track, live by their own terms, engage in different activities and get back to city life, invigorated and full of energy. There are several places that one can visit along the southern Queensland country and one such place is Chinchilla. If you are wondering whether the same named rodent infests this place, that might not be but it will surely give you a wonderful break for a weekend.
What it is famous for
Every town has its own quirks and beauty that is unique and the people who belong to the region. Chinchilla is reached by driving down the Warrego Highway. You will reach by driving west of Dalby for a distance of 81 km. This is a small town that is known for its range of melons. From water melons to rock melons and honey dew ones, there is much to try and even to have fun with during the unique melon festival that is held here. There is high demand during the festival time, so you need to book your accommodation from before.
Wonders of the town
The town can be visited any time of the year as it has a peaceful aspect about it that attracts many city weary travelers. If you are traveling by the town, it would be worth to spend a day or two here. The tree lined streets and the quaint eateries and local museum are worth a visit. There is a town library, a cinema as well as an art gallery to see in this town. The town is also known for trekking and bushwalking activities as well as fossicking which is a unique activity in this area. One can select from a range of modest accommodation available here. Go to this page for more information about accommodation in Chinchilla.
Places to stay
There are quaint motels by the highway or resorts that offer self contained accommodation. If you are planning to stay and hike around the area, you might want to put up at the self contained accommodations on offer. There are modern motels and inns that offer amenities and facilities like any hotel.
Book in advance
If you are planning to visit the area, it is better to book in advance, especially if you are visiting during the melon festival. As the number of accommodations is few, these are usually booked by large parties and get booked up easily. There are regional portals as well as travel booking sites that will offer a best price guarantee on bookings made through the portals.