Counting Blessings

By mending her husband’s work shirt, she’d hoped it would calm him down a bit. He’d just come home from work and was fuming from having to deal with four-year-old boys running around the classroom. He did not apply to this job to be a babysitter and was under the impression, in the interview, that he would only be teaching primary school and high school students.
“They don’t listen to me,” he said. “I just let them run around the class because I’m can’t deal with them. Yesterday they ran out of the classroom and I just left them. I’ve run after them before, they just do it again. What’s the point?” Raymond Rustle switched the split system air conditioner on to heat the room up. Because the city of Jecheon in South Korea was surrounded by mountains, the wind always managed to swirl in the small town that was in the middle of them. As a result, even in late spring, the city remained cold.
He had torn his shirt on a nail that had been sticking out in the teachers’ room. The split system air conditioner took its time to warm up the place. But she could feel a waft of warm air every now and then. She pushed the needle though the two separated parts of the shirt to join them together in a small, neat stitch. She continued in this manner until the hole had been completely mended.
“Okay, how does that look?” she asked him. “Good, darling. I’m just as lucky to have a wife that sews in this day and age.”
“Yeah, you are.” she retorted.
After venting about the day, Danie Devonshire had indeed calmed down. He cooked up some stir-fry and rice and dished up the meal for the both of them. Ayla said: “I’m spoilt to have a husband who cooks such delicious meals.”
The couple counted their blessings in a challenging situation. They had a roof over their heads, orange juice in the fridge, hot water, colouring pencils, nature, a home with the view of the mountains and each other.
The pair were happy to just be together after being apart for nine months because they’d had jobs in two different countries. That was indeed their biggest blessing.
When looking at all the gifts that the couple had, the external drama seemed small. They had come through worse and they were determined to make it through this difficult period together.
They dreamed big: of financial freedom, owning a house, a healthier diet, retirement security and perhaps one day, children of their own.