Ensure That Your Little One Is Asleep Safe And Sound

Although a lot of parents imagine parenthood entirely different from what they really get to experience, there are some things that you should know before your family is richer by one member. Enthusiastic parents will often do their own research, and make sure they know absolutely everything they can about babies before their own arrives, but there is no literature that can possibly prepare you for first-time parenting, and this can only be done with experience. Despite how eager you may be to interact with the baby, the first few months are going to pass by with the baby mostly being asleep, and this is something you are going to be taking care of quite often.
You can prevent one of the most dangerous threats
The sudden infant death syndrome is one of the biggest fears most of the first-time parents have. If you are not familiar with the term and what it stands for, this syndrome makes perfectly healthy babies unexpectedly pass away during their sleep. There are many different risks associated to this syndrome, and the ones you can prevent are usually revolving around correct sleeping positions and ensuring safety measures have been taken. The baby should always sleep flat on its back, there should be no toys pillows or similar things inside of the crib or cot, and there should be absolutely no covers that could potentially obstruct the baby easier way. Instead, the baby should wear an ergo sleeping bag, for the biggest amount of safety.

Is extremely easy to use
This is a garment that acts as a substitute to the regular blankets, which can be fairly dangerous for the baby during the first few critical weeks. You simply have the baby wear this garment, and you zip it up so that it will be on tightly, but not too tightly against its body, which is going to eliminate the risk of anything covering the baby’s face and making their breathing difficult. If you are on the market for a good ergo sleeping bag, always try to go for organic cotton, as it is the most comfortable material and it won’t be as likely to irritate baby’s sensitive skin.
Know how to identify the right one
The default measure used to define an appropriate sleeping bag for certain temperature is tog, and you will use this measure to identify your current needs for sleeping bag. Keep in mind that this will fluctuate based on the weather and the current temperature in the room the baby is in, so you definitely want to shop for several different baby sleeping bags to suit every season and plenty of different temperature changes that follow. The recommended values based on the current nursery temperatures and the overall season are 0.5 tog for hot summers, 3.5 tog for harsh winters and 2.5 for the times in between.