Planning Your Toddler’s Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday, as a toddler is an extremely important day in their lives. It is quite necessary to make them feel special, to show them and let them know how much they mean to you. As a parent, you would unknowingly spend a fair amount of time in organizing and planning the best birthday parties, and one of the greatest gifts you can give your children, is making them feel like the little kings and queens they are. Given below are tips to planning a birthday party, making organizing and planning a breeze.


The first thing to decide on is where you want to host the party. If your home is big enough to accommodate the crowd, except for the after party cleaning, it will be the ideal spot. Your toddler and all the children will be comfortable in their surroundings and have fun as they are already accustomed to it. For a fee, you can also decide to have it at a different location, such as the park, restaurant and recreation centers, which is usually a better option for infants is educational toys for kids over five.

The theme, guest lists, invitations and decorations

Having a theme is always helpful in providing a certain life and fluidity to the party. Pick a theme that goes hand in hand with the latest phase your toddler is in, be it princess or dinosaur. Once the guest list is sorted, you can buy or start making the invitations in keeping with the theme. Add in all the information from the time to the date, the address, to any other details and specifics you would like to mention.

The decorations bring life to a party, it creates the ambience that is going to liven the mood. It is not a necessity to go all out in decorations, a few pieces that accentuates the theme would be more than enough, and let the children’s imagination do the rest. Book a clown or if you are on a budget get relatives or friends to dress up in different costumes to add some entertainment, place a few educational toys for kids in your backyard and you would be good to go.

Get a little help and plan for the unexpected

As much as you can tackle this party alone, you would feel better and at ease if there is someone to help out around the party. You only have two hands and controlling a fair number of toddlers is not an easy task. Don’t be ashamed in asking for help, a friend or a relative, will be needed to assist you with serving and also cleaning up after the party. With children running around, climbing up and down the kids ride on cars and stocked up on sweetened drinks and candy, it is bound for accidents to take place. Being equipped to handle, children hurting themselves and feeling sick, by stocking up on band aids and other necessities is important.


It’s a kid’s party, and it doesn’t have to be fine dining. A cake that is in accordance with your theme, fizzy drinks and juices, some sandwiches, hot dogs and slices of pizza with ice-cream for dessert would be more than sufficient to make the kids and the adults happy and full.

There you go, a few tips and guidelines to throwing a fun and exciting birthday party for your kid.