Technological Advancement


The meaning and the use of technology have changed drastically over time. Just as an artist has a skill of drawing using his hand and a singer sings using his voice, technology is a skill. It is an art that is used to improve goods and services and its production technically. The application of the scientific knowledge in the production of engineering or computer sciences, the productions in relation with them and anything to do with science in a practical sense can be called as technology.

For decades there have been development in technology and this at times have been threatening Mother Nature and thereby posing threats to the existence of humans as well. Yet, these developments are undeniable. This is due to the outcome of the industrial revolution and the business materials that followed up until the present day.

The recent growth of technology that is the present technology has been awe striking and astonishing. Whether it be the field of Medicine, science or Information technology, the advancement is mind-blowing as of to the past. There are mobile phones that can be used under water. These are called water proof mobile phones. There are Drones; those are cameras fixed on to a tiny helicopter that can be manually controlled by a human. These help researchers and scientists to research and look into places where humans cannot enter. There are various new innovations and technological devices that have been introduced to ease mans work and taking man into a new advanced world. Some of the new technological devices are the tooth sensor; which is very useful for dentists in performing any dental activity as the tooth sensor detects any bacteria, the smart watch, wing roller coasters, envelope printers Sydney, and Google glass, Billboards that produces clean water, Oculus rift and the MyO’s.

Having advance technology can have good effects as well as bad effects. A country with an advanced technology in their fields of agriculture, science, medicine, IT and art helps the country build a strong economy. This would help the country expose to international culture, practices and fashions. Using technology in the field of agriculture has been widely effective. Countries such as China and India which are the most developed in agriculture uses the advanced technological methods to cultivate and harvest. Health wise, using technology in both developed and developing countries could help doctors cure a large number of people within a reasonable time. The methods such as “telemedicine” can be effectively used to cure patients in remote areas. However this technology though merits humans in many ways can also be a threat to the environment. It is our responsibility to ensure we preserve a safe environment to our future generations.